Handling Hamsters

handling hamsterHere are a few tips to help you handle your hamsters without getting bitten:

Make sure that you obtain a young hamster from a breeder who has been handling them frequently from the age of 4 weeks.

When you are with the breeder get him or her to show you how to handle the youngster so that you can see that they will accept it.

Make friends with your hamster by spending a few days just hand feeding before trying to pick him or her up.

The correct way to handle a hamster is to slowly cup your hands around it and then lift it up. Incorrect handling will lead to a frightened animal that may bite on future occasions.

Keep the hamster's cage on a high level so that you appear a lot smaller when you approach the cage.

Never disturb the hamster when it is asleep or eating.

It takes a lot of hard work to handle an older hamster who has not been touched before.

Get it used to taking food from your hand and then place a medium square of small mesh wire on your hand in the bottom of the cage and when it walks on, slowly get it used to being raised and stroked.