APBC and RSPCA pair up to prevent dog aggression

happy dog APBC pairs with RSPCA on dog aggression
The public can look forward to more help from the APBC when dealing with aggressive dogs, thanks to a new project in conjunction with the RSPCA.
The APBC were delighted to have been able to contribute to the RSPCA’s public information programme by answering their most frequently asked questions on dog aggression
APBC Chair David Ryan said, “I was approached to write the most up to date answers to questions asked of the RSPCA by members of the public. It has turned into a fairly complete guide to dog aggression”.
Many APBC members work with RSPCA charities and the RSPCA recognises their expertise, so it is little wonder that the APBC was the obvious choice to seek the best advice on canine behaviour.
Pet owners can become confused about the reasons their dogs become aggressive and what to do about it. Promoting public understanding is the important first step in reducing the number of dog bites and the number of dogs that are eventually put to sleep because of aggressive behaviour. This is a one stop resource for anyone who seeks that advice.
Once owners understand the reasons for dog aggression they can start to look at ways to prevent or change that behaviour. They can also understand their own limitations and when to bring in a qualified and experienced behaviour counsellor.
To access this handy guide plus a downloadable pdf on tackling dog aggression, please follow and share the link below: