Cats suffer in silence? APBC dedicates conference to cat behaviour

apbc feline conference Oct 2011

Cats are suffering in silence while their canine friends grab all the media spotlight, but why?

Cesar Millan has ensured that the challenge of tackling an aggressive dog makes entertaining TV. The hero does battle with the dog and comes out smiling, with just a few battle scars from where the dog has bitten him to prove how heroic the achievement has been. Victoria Stilwell and Dr Ian Dunbar have taken a more welfare-friendly approach to TV dog shows. They have adopted modern understanding of both humans and canines to ensure maximum safety and improvement in behaviour for the long term as well as less risk to owners.
Meanwhile stressed and fearful cats are only seen on TV shows where their normal species-specific behaviour is seen as humorous rather than something to be tamed for the greater good of humanity!
Sadly it is the cat's evolutionary development that means it is a poor candidate for an exciting TV show. Nevertheless, cat ownership can often be far less than straightforward and needs careful study.
Cats ARE aggressive to people, they can leave a nasty bite and they often ignore owner rules as much as dogs. But cats will often run away and hide when an owner kicks them, pokes them or pins them to the ground in the name of training, while dogs fight and bite back when humans act so strangely.
Since many household issues to do with dogs also involve the presence of cats, the behaviour of the feline is something that every person working with domestic pets, whether it be behaviour professional, vet, or rescue shelter employee, should make sure is part of their skill set.
The APBC have collected together leading cat experts to lift the veil of mystery surrounding felines. A great opportunity to hear leading speakers all at one event! The APBC Annual Feline Conference on 22nd October, Kettering, should not be missed.
Ideal for Vets and Veterinary nurses, rescue shelter and animal welfare workers, and of course, anyone working towards a career in pet behaviour.
Speakers include:
Vicky Halls:  The Cat Detective
Sarah Heath:  The challenge of multi-cat households
Dr Rachel Casey:  Disease or behaviour?
Julie Bedford:  Assessment and monitoring of cats in rescue situations
Mat Ward:  “Cat Training 101”
Dr Sarah Ellis:  Training to improve welfare
Tickets are only £50 if you book before the beginning of August and spaces are limited to this popular event. Please follow the link to get your booking secured
See you there!
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