Search Games in the Home

APBC search games lindsay mann
One of the most enjoyable things I gained from learning to do a search square with my Belgian Shepherd is that dogs really love to use their noses, and feel very clever doing so!
I decided to incorporate this enjoyment into a search game indoors. This is a game anyone can do with their dog; you certainly don’t have to be any sort of expert to teach it.

APBC Feline Conference 2012

APBC feline conference 2012


Dogs for the Disabled support from APBC members with PAWS

PAWS Parents Autism Workshops and Support APBC

APBC members supporting PAWS at Dogs for the Disabled!

Stephanie Hedges, Justyna Ratczak, Ingrid Haskal, Tara Bates and Rebecca Heyworth spent a successful day learning about the unique new project by Dogs for the Disabled with Katie Bristow-Wade and Amy Davies (and of course India the dog!)

Choosing the perfect puppy

Avoiding Puppy Pitfalls! 

There is lots of information now available about puppy socialisation and finding a good breeder. However, I find that many prospective owners are usually ruled by their hearts as soon as they see the litter. It is difficult to resist a puppy once seen, be it because it is cute or perhaps because one feels sorry for it if it is being kept in bad conditions. As a dog will usually be living with its o

wners for between ten to fifteen years, it is vital that background research is done, before viewing the

APBC Approved Links to Dog Safety Resources for Children and Parents

apbc dog safety for children and dogs

APBC Approved Links to Dog Safety Resources for Children and Parents

Whenever a dog bites a child or is deemed a dangerous dog it often makes the headlines.  Rows break out, social networking sites are established and media campaigns are fought with fury. Emotions run high especially when children are involved and distressing for all concerned including the child their family and not forgetting the owners of the dog.

Feline fun!

cat play tips for felines

Cats love to play! Here, Sarah Millsopp explains how to ensure you and your feline friend both enjoy playtimes.

APBC Practical Handling Course review

Karen Wild Sally Jones APBC Practical Handling Course

Practical Handling Skills 2 Day Course – April 2012

Big issues in tiny packages

Rebecca Heyworth reports on how Sally Jones and Karen Wild, full members of the APBC, skilfully guided 24 willing handlers and 18 dogs through this course on practical handling for the behaviour professional.

Viewing puppy parents reduces behaviour problem risk

APBC research shows see puppy with mum

Viewing parents of a puppy may reduce risk of canine behavioural problems - APBC research shows

APBC conference 2012 'nose' no bounds

There’s no business like ‘nose’ business!
An amazing day! Who knew there was so much to learn about a dogs nose? From a dog’s perspective, they see the world through their nose. Plenty of material for us to listen to for a whole day, as we did at the APBC 2012 conference on 3rd March.

Control and companionship

dog girl companion

Why setting boundaries can be all about negotiation

There has been much debate as to why humans started to keep other species as pets. Most of us these days keep dogs and cats to enjoy their company and to get pleasure from knowing that they also enjoy being with us.    

It is partly because of this that I find very sad when I come across situations where this key element of the pet/owner relationship has been badly damaged.

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