Dog Safety

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    Wheldon Law

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    Cooper & Cooper Solicitors

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    This resource has been designed with year 5 and 6 pupils in mind and is suitable for other year groups and PSHE lessons. It will enable teachers to feel confident when covering these lesson objectives:to understand why dogs bite to realise the importance of human interactions with dogs to realise dogs usually become aggressive to defend themselves and their possessions to understand that there is a graded ladder, or sequence, of aggression for both dogs and humans to realise that certain actions and situations can trigger aggressive behaviour in both dogs and humans to understand that dog bites can be avoided to stop dogs feeling like biting.This is a FREE resource and is made of two parts: A set of comprehensive teacher’s notes, background information, glossary, suggested activities and answers, as well as, a pack of sixteen worksheets.Download the Free ResourceKeeping Ourselves safe around dogs

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    The RSPCA has an excellent range of resources on dog safety around children that APBC members have helped develop:RSPCA CLICK HERE

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    Dogs’ Trust have an excellent range of resources to help children who are both in dog owning families and non-owning families stay safe around dogsDOGS TRUST CLICK HERE

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    Safe Relationship between children and dogs BLUE DOG PROJECT CLICK HERE

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    Blue cross Muzzle Advice Blue Cross

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    NFU Tips on staying safe around farm animals on a walkNFU LINK

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    Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 Law link

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    Understand your dogs body langauge to prevent bites Blue cross body language awareness