Human Behaviour Change


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    Advise the Rider, Steer the Elephant and Shape the Path [Switch Dan and CHip Heath]: Click here for a more detailed description

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    Just because a human knows their or their pets behaviour needs to change does not mean they can do it. “Desired behaviours need to be modelled, rehearsed and reinforced not just explained” (Kerr et al., 2005)

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    Two models of behaviour change: 1. The Transtheoretical Model of human behaviour change: Click here and what we go through at each stage Click here, 2. Transactional Analysis: Another method to help promote personal growth and change Click here

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    Barriers to change: “I cant do this”, ” I have nobody to help me”, “I forget to do it” “I do not undertand”. How can we address each. 1. Provide the training in small stages, provide ongoing support and encourage people to seek external support such as a facebook group, friend or family, provide reminders such as “post-its” around the house or integrate training routine with something they already do such as making a cup or tea and be sure to always be on hand to explain, demonstrate and support.

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    We remember 90% of what we say and DO!! (chambers, 2002). Involve yourself in the training at it will stick with you.

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    Be mindful of your actions. Stop breathe and think about what you have just done and why. Visit the self determination theory

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    Forming new habits help change your behaviour and in turn your pets behaviour Visit forming new habits with charles duhigg

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    Be sure to record and celebrate your successes so you can see how far you have come. Keep a Diary: Goals to reach, what you have acheived, what you would like to improve and the steps you will take to achieve this.

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    What is making you feel: “I should do this?” he should go for a walk, he should be able to be friendly to other dogs, my cat should not pee in the house. Start thinking what you CAN DO and not what another influence thinks you SHOULD do

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    Excellent company and resource for helping change human behaviour Visit Human Behaviour Change for Animals