APBC Behaviour Advice Information Sheets

These information sheets are intended for use as handouts for clients and are freely available to download as many copies as you wish. 

More will follow in the series, so check back frequently for new ones!

Click on the link to download each advice sheet.

Behaviourally aware microchipping

Summary Sheet of Castration Risks and Benefits - Dogs

Summary Sheet of Spaying Risks and Benefits - Bitches

Advice sheet 1:  Puppies - mouthing and biting

Advice sheet 2:  Using a houseline

Advice sheet 3:  Making walks more enjoyable for you and your dog

Advice sheet 4:  Using an indoor kennel

Advice sheet 5:  Teaching basic sign language

Advice sheet 6:  Alone at home

Advice sheet 7: Dogs and muzzles

Advice sheet 8: Preparing your dog for a muzzle or head-collar 

Advice sheet 9:  Training your dog 

Advice sheet 10: Clicker training your pet

Advice sheet 11: Nervous dogs

Advice sheet 12: Chewing and how to control it

Advice sheet 13: Your dog and your baby

Advice sheet 14:  Choosing doggy day care

Advice sheet 15:  Environmental enrichment games for cats

Advice sheet 16:  Key Equine Needs

Advice sheet 17:  The evolution and domestication of the Horse

Advice sheet 18:  Social structure of the Horse

Advice sheet 19: Bonfire Night Behaviour Tips

Is your dog barking too much?  - a short guide for owners of noisy dogs  written by APBC member David Appleby for DEFRA.  Click here to view and download (links to DEFRA website)

Constant barking can be avoided - detailed information leaflet written by APBC member David Appleby for DEFRA.  Particularly useful for Environmental Health Officers, Dog Wardens and others dealing with the problem. Contains detailed information on possible reasons and solutions for nuisance caused by barking dogs.  Click here to view and download.  (links to DEFRA website)


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