Safety Around Dogs Information

Resource 1:


By clicking here you can download the APBC's Guide to Dog Safety for Children and Parents - June 2012 edition.  Please share!


This guide was researched by the APBC's Education Team: Alison Limentani, Angela Winstanley, Danielle Middleton-Beck, Elaine Henley, Julie Bedford, Kendal Shepherd, Rosie Barclay, Sally Sanford, Tara Bates, and Clare Wilson.

Illustrations and design by APBC Provisional Member Alison Limentani.


Resource 2: 

This resource has been designed with year 5 and 6 pupils in mind and is suitable for other year groups and PSHE lessons. It will enable teachers to feel confident when covering these lesson objectives:

  • to understand why dogs bite
  • to realise the importance of human interactions with dogs
  • to realise dogs usually become aggressive to defend themselves and their possessions
  • to understand that there is a graded ladder, or sequence, of aggression for both dogs and humans
  • to realise that certain actions and situations can trigger aggressive behaviour in both dogs and humans
  • to understand that dog bites can be avoided
  • to stop dogs feeling like biting.

This is a FREE resource and is made of two parts: A set of comprehensive teacher's notes, background information, glossary, suggested activities and answers, as well as, a pack of sixteen worksheets.

Download the Free Resource by clicking on the links below.

Resource 3:

The RSPCA has an excellent range of resources on dog safety around children that APBC members have helped develop (click here).  

Resource 4:

Dogs' Trust have produced this PDF download to help children who are both in dog owning families and non-owning families stay safe around dogs.