Exotic Species Information

The APBC is primarily concerned with counselling owners about their pets’ behaviour problems, which also involves optimising the welfare of exotic species in captivity. There are a variety of avenues of acquiring an exotic animal as a pet, both legal and illegal, that have impacts upon the individual, the species, the environment and the local community, but the APBC believes that once in captivity by whatever route every pet has a right to the best possible welfare. Whilst condemning any form of capture and breeding that compromises animal and human welfare, the APBC therefore aims to provide the best service for pet owners to improve their pets’ behaviour and welfare without passing judgement on the way in which an individual pet was acquired.


Articles relating to exotic species that have been published on the website can be found below:

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Keeping Captive-Bred and Wild-Caught Exotic Pets








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