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Name Izaskun Arrieta
Name Dr Emma Creighton
Name Rosie Bescoby
Name Celia Haddon
Blog Info: My cat writes a blog about humans! It mingles jokes with useful information.
Name Susannah O'Hanlon
Name Katey Aldred MSc RVN
Name Hollie Gallagher
Blog Info: Upbeat, positive companion animal media including training tips and advice.
Name Ingrid Haskal
Blog Info: All about separation anxiety
Name Robyn Atkinson
Name Kelly Cordell-Morris
Name Sarah Whitehead
Blog Info: Horse behaviour and training
Name Morag Heirs, Clinical Animal Behaviourist, PhD, MSc, MA(hons)(SocSci), PGCAP
Name Kimberley Grundy
Name Raychel Hill
Blog Info: Animal behaviour and dog training tips
Name Kayna Prescott
Blog Info: Putting a behaviour lens on some of our common equine problems, from stereotypic behaviour to management dilemmas.
Name Naomi Andrews
Name Caroline Clark
Blog Info: Articles on health and behaviour of companion animals
Name Lauren Watts
Blog Info: All blog updates are released through social media.
Name Rachel Rodgers
Name Debbie Busby
Name Jenni Nellist
Blog Info: Dive into all things horse behaviour and don't forget to check out my sister blog:
Name Victoria Stockley
Name Christine Spencer