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Name Izaskun Arrieta
Name Dr Emma Creighton
Name At Your Dog's Pace
Name Hanne Grice
Blog Info: Latest news from the animal behaviour world and advice for pet owners
Name Rosie Bescoby
Name Celia Haddon
Blog Info: My cat writes a blog about humans! It mingles jokes with useful information.
Name Lauren Greasley
Name Susannah O'Hanlon
Name Clare King
Name Katey Aldred MSc RVN
Name Kimberley Grundy
Name Ingrid Haskal
Blog Info: All about separation anxiety
Name Robyn Atkinson
Name Kelly Cordell-Morris
Name Sarah Whitehead
Name Rachel Woodisse
Blog Info: Blog covering anything feline for cat sitting clients and anyone interested in all things feline.
Blog Info: Horse behaviour and training
Name Susan McKeon
Name Morag Heirs, Clinical Animal Behaviourist, PhD, MSc, MA(hons)(SocSci), PGCAP
Name Amanda J. Campion
Blog Info: Cat Chat in the Cat House with Kittysitty
Name Raychel Hill
Blog Info: Animal behaviour and dog training tips
Name Kayna Prescott
Blog Info: Putting a behaviour lens on some of our common equine problems, from stereotypic behaviour to management dilemmas.
Name Naomi Andrews
Name Caroline Clark
Blog Info: Articles on health and behaviour of companion animals
Name Evangelos (Vangelis) Diamantakos, BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD cand.
Name Lauren Hewitt-Watts
Blog Info: All blog updates are released through social media.
Name Alison Winters MSc CAB
Name Rachel Rodgers
Name Debbie Busby
Name Jenni Nellist
Blog Info: Dive into all things horse behaviour and don't forget to check out my sister blog:
Name Victoria Stockley
Name Christine Spencer
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