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Further to demand, and the success, of the Top Ten Tips section, the APBC (Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors) has expanded its web site to include a special section on parrots.

Donna Brander, Chairman of the APBC, stated ‘Parrot tips were a natural addition to our already popular web pages on cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and horses. Owner knowledge of their chosen pet species is crucial to avoid behaviour problems developing and to ensure best welfare for the pet. It is only through education that owners will be able to have happy and healthy pets. By providing easy to find and easy to read information, the APBC is aiming to offer preventative advice. Aggression, biting, screaming and feather plucking can all be symptoms of fear and anxiety and can be potentially avoided by providing parrots with an appropriate environment and adequate stimulation’. The Top Ten Tips for parrots and other companion animal species can be found at www.apbc.org.uk.

The APBC, founded in 1989, is the leading organisation in the field of companion animal behaviour and many of its members are at the cutting edge of latest research into this rapidly growing discipline. All APBC members work strictly on veterinary referral and hold professional indemnity insurance.

For full details of members and clinics visit www.apbc.org.uk or contact the APBC office: PO Box 46, Worcester, WR8 9YS Tel/Fax: 01386 751151, e-mail: info [at] apbc [dot] org [dot] uk