Reptile, Cat and Rabbit Behaviour

Date Released: 

As part of its ongoing seminar programme, the APBC are holding workshops on reptile, cat and rabbit behaviour at the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester, on Saturday 22 nd October.

The reptile workshop will focus on behaviour related to temperature regulation, feeding and reproduction. Behaviour as an indicator of good health is probably more important in reptiles than many other companion animals. Innate and learned behaviours in reptiles generally will be considered, with a focus on Chelonians in particular, as one of the most popular groups of reptiles kept in captivity in the UK.

The two part rabbit workshop will firstly look at how the behaviour of pet rabbits has evolved to be different to that of the wild rabbit and secondly discuss the most common behaviour problems in pet rabbits and treatment rationales.

With the increasing popularity of cats, the cat workshop will address the potential pitfalls of multiple cat ownership and discuss behavioural and environmental approaches to successful feline integration.

The speakers are all highly respected in their fields and consist of Sarah Heath, BVSc, MRCVS on cats, Emma Magnus MSc, CCAB on rabbits and Jane Williams BSc (Hons), MA on reptiles. Delegates will be able to choose two workshops to attend – one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Each workshop will include a one hour presentation followed by an hour of interactive study. Delegate fees are £45 for the day inclusive of refreshments, buffet lunch and delegate pack. The workshops will be of benefit to behaviourists, veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses, breeders, rescue staff and anyone dealing with the species.

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