Scotland Outlaws Electronic Shock Collars

APBC welcomes the Scottish Government’s decision to ban the use of electronic shock collars and other electronic training devices which deliver painful electric shocks to animals. Such painful devices create distress, have negative effects on welfare, may cause increases in aggressive behaviour, and are often detrimental to a positive pet-owner relationship.
APBC Chairman, Jane Williams states that, “APBC is very pleased to have been involved in lobbying the Scottish Government, alongside other like-minded organisations, to help bring about this decision. It is very good news for our canine friends in Scotland, who will be protected against this form of abuse, as are dogs in Wales.”
APBC has been working with other campaigners to ban the use of such painful, punitive training devices for over a decade. The Scottish Government initially wanted to regulate the use of shock collars, which was not supported by the APBC and other animal welfare organisations. The APBC will continue to work towards banning these devices across England, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands, and urges law makers in these parts of the UK to join Scotland and Wales in outlawing the use of electronic training devices.
We urge anyone who is experiencing a problem behaviour from their pet to first attend a veterinary surgeon to eliminate pain and disease, often implicated in sudden changes in behaviour. With good health care in place, the pet owner is advised to seek veterinary referral to an Animal Behaviour and Training Council Registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist, such as a full member of the APBC. A full member of the APBC can properly define the cause of unwanted behaviour, and help owners implement change by improving pet-owner communication, reducing stress and using modern, positive training and behaviour techniques that can enhance animal welfare. 
For more information please contact APBC Chair: Jane Williams 07973 985099 or Chair Emeritus: Rosie Barclay 07797 725447