APBC Welcomes Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC)

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The APBC is extremely pleased to welcome the formation of the Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC).

David Ryan, APBC Chair, said, “The formation of a regulatory council for dog training and behaviour has been long overdue. For too long the public and their pets have had to put up with poor service from unqualified “behaviourists” and “trainers” – advice that can not only be plain wrong, but can have implications for the welfare of the pet and the safety of their owner.

"Registration with the ABTC gives the public confidence that the trainer or behaviourist they choose has met their criteria and I hope that eventually everyone who provides these services will become accredited.”

“Pet owners now have a choice, but it is not a choice between ‘good behaviourist’ and ‘bad behaviourist’ rather a choice between a behaviourist who has proved their worth through independent accreditation and one who has not. Individuals who are not yet accredited have nothing to fear from the ABTC as the Council has systems in place for them to be recognised as working towards the standards for accreditation.”

“Why would anyone not want to show that they are working at the top of their profession, proving that they are providing the best service to their clients? The ABTC is the means for them to do that.”


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Release date: 24th September 2010

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