Welsh Shock Collar Complete Ban

Date Released: 

The APBC is delighted to have contributed to the consultation following which the Welsh Government Assembly has decided to completely ban the use of electric shock collars, announced today by Rural Affairs Minister Elin Jones. There is no place in modern training for devices that cause pets pain and we are pleased that the Welsh Government Assembly has taken the initiative in the United Kingdom. We look forward to the same result in Scotland and England.

APBC Chairman David Ryan said, ”Not only does this ban on electric collars mean that fewer dogs will be exposed to this out-dated training method, but dog trainers and dog owners will be encouraged to find modern methods of training their pets. Understanding what motivates problem behaviours in dogs and cats can help to show that the apparent quick fix of an electric collar is not the best or only training method available to owners.”

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Pippa Hutchison (APBC public relations) 01436 840194  positiveimprint [at] aol [dot] com

David Ryan (APBC Chairman) 07734 446158.