Child Adoption & Fostering Assessments

As the leading pet behaviour experts in the field, APBC members have been used by a number of agencies to assess animals in the homes of potential adoptive parents or foster carers. In response to demand, a standard protocol for use in this context has been developed and the APBC can now provide this service via a special network of participating full members.

The service is designed primarily for dogs but may also be used for other animals, and for other assessment services.

The assessment process involves:

  • A visit to the home lasting around 2 hours
  • A report sent to the agency requesting the assessment, to include:
    • Owner experience and relationship with the animal(s)
    • Exposure to and behaviour in various social situations, the animal’s training background and any health issues
    • Practical considerations regarding the home environment
    • Temperament and behaviour with members of the household, visitors, general public and children of differing age groups
    • A professional opinion on the risks these animals present to children, particularly those with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.
  • Advice regarding the introduction of children and animals.

The cost for this service is at the discretion of the individual member providing the service in that area.

Use our “find a member” to find a list of full members who offer this service.