Accreditation of Prior Experience and Learning (APEL) is a process for you to demonstrate a level of Knowledge and Understanding appropriate to ABT or CAB level, if you have not taken a recognised course recognised by the ABTC.

APEL costs £120 which is paid to the ABTC.

We require you to fill in the below application form along with the mapping form for the standard you are applying for. These need to be completed, along with the reflective account log, certificates/module descriptors etc (that are referred to in the application form), and an index to the documents included in your application. Please send all your documentation to info@apbc.org.uk

Blank documents:

Application Form

Mapping Form for CAB

Mapping form for ABT

Reflective log

On completing the APEL process, you will have demonstrated your Knowledge and Understanding appropriate to becoming an ABT or a CAB and can complete your application to become a provisional member of the APBC. Any questions please do email us at info@apbc.org.uk.

Summary of the Q&A ABT ROLE on 26th October 2021

Summary of the APEL process from the Q&A on 26th October 2021

Video of the ABT role and APEL Q&A – 26th October 2021