In order to become a Provisional member of the APBC you are required to demonstrate you have met the Knowledge and Understanding requirements for either the Animal Behaviour Technician or Clinical Animal Behaviourist role.

Assessment of Prior Experience and Learning (APEL) is a process for you to demonstrate that you have met the required Knowledge and Understanding requirements for these roles, if you have not undertaken a course recognised by the ABTC.

The APEL Application Process costs £120

Step One – Download Application Documents

Download the application form, the mapping form for the Standard you are applying for (ABT or CAB) and reflective log.

Step Two – Complete application documents

If you are unsure how best to complete the APEL documentation, please use the links below to find examples of completed documents for APEL application submission.  Please also see our Q&A video for further information about the APEL process and how to complete the documentation provided. 

If you would like additional guidance on the APEL assessment process please consider signing up to our APEL Support Kit (A.S.K.) service.  We offer a 3 month package of help and support for anyone looking to take this step.

Step Three – Send Documentation to APBC Office

Please send your completed forms along with your certificates/module descriptors etc and an index to the documents included in your application, to the APBC office (info@apbc.org.uk).  We will then forward this to the ABTC (admin@abtc.org.uk) on your behalf. 

Step Four – Assessment of Prior Learning and Experience (APEL)

Your mapping document and reflective logs will be reviewed by ABTC APEL assessors who will also conduct an oral interview as part of your assessment.  

Step Five – Assessment Result

On successful completion of the APEL process you will have demonstrated your Knowledge and Understanding appropriate to becoming an ABT or a CAB and can complete your application to become a provisional member of the APBC. Any questions please do email us at info@apbc.org.uk.