Route to Full Membership

The APBC is able to offer Assessment for CAB and ABT levels.

If you have already achieved and been assessed for either level by another ABTC organisation you can directly apply for full membership. Click here for more information on becoming a member and applying.

We want to express that this assessement process is to help to ensure you are ready, not to throw hurdles at you. The process focuses on: Support – Clear in what is required in case records and ability to have continued supportive conversations. Objectivity – Know Who the assessors are and how they qualified to assess. Fairness – There are processes in place to allow for change of assessor if required and for you to know how many people are assessing you. Timely Feedback – Feedback that is in the form of a conversation with multiple opportunities for both face to face (virtual) and written constructive feedback that will allow you to action any change that is required to acheive CAB ABD ABT LEVELS and last been not least Transparency – We are here to answer any questions you have on the process and will provide documents with full details of the process so you can dip in for information. We will keep you informed of where we are up to in the process and when documents and information is to be released.

Route to CAB Level 6 And Full Membership

Route to ABT Level 5 And Full Membership

Member to register interest Evidence to be submittedAssessment to begin
1st July 31st August1st September
1st November31st December1st January
1st March30th April1st May


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