Meet the Committee

Anne McBride

Anne is an Animal Behaviour and Training Council recognised Clinical Animal Behaviourist. She has been practising since 1987. She was director of the first UK University based course in the field of animal behaviour which ran at Southampton University from 1994 – 2015, where she still teaches and researches in the field of human-animal interactions. Anne is dedicated to the goal of raising the professional status of trainers and behaviourists, believing it to be a crucial part of the overall puzzle of improving the welfare of animals and of those who interact with them. Her second goal is to grow old whilst never truly growing up, and to continue learning and laughing all the way!

Nicole Harris

Nicole is an Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC) Registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist and Animal Training Instructor.  She lives on the Surrey/Hampshire/Berkshire border with her husband and Cammy the Golden Retriever.  

Nicole specialises in puppy training, behaviour and development, providing support and guidance to new owners on their puppy raising journey.  She has taken her knowledge and skills from over a decade working as a clinical animal behaviourist to develop puppy programmes with a strong focus on problem prevention and early intervention.     

She is also passionate about helping the development of practitioners within the field of animal behaviour and training.  As an APBC committee member she sits on the membership applications sub-committee and also the assessment sub-committee.  Nicole is committed to ensuring all practitioners (old and new) are welcomed and feel fully supported within the organisation.  She is also proud to be a part of a team of assessors who promote and deliver an assessment process that is supportive, objective, fair, transparent and timely.

In her spare time she enjoys long walks in nature with her dog and drinking lots of tea!

Carly Thornton
Treasurer; Vet Liaison

Carly was awarded an MSc in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling from the University of Southampton in 2014 and also holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. Carly is a RCVS Registered Veterinary Nurse and the Associate Head of Department for Veterinary Nursing at Hartpury University. Carly has been teaching since 2008 and is passionate about equipping student veterinary nurses with the knowledge and skills to recognise the influence of physical health issues on patient behaviour, before implementing relevant strategies to support patients in clinical settings.

Carly joined the APBC committee in 2022, joining a welcoming, hardworking, team of professionals with a shared aim to promote animal welfare, by supporting, nurturing and recognising those who work with animals. Along with contributing to general committee business, Carly works with Emma on Vet Liaison matters. In April 2023 she took on the role of treasurer.

Carly is based in Gloucestershire where she enjoys spending time with (and training) the three humans, three dogs and four rats that she shares a home with.

Ingrid Haskal
Company Secretary

After many years in the event industry Ingrid decided to change course, go back to university and in 2012 qualified from Southampton as a Companion Animal Behaviour counsellor. Since 2012, Ingrid has worked with both dogs and cats but recently decided to specialise solely in separation related issues in dogs (or ‘separation anxiety’ as it is known to clients and vets). Ingrid joined the APBC committee in 2019. She works closely with the Chair and Treasurer and is in charge of event organisation. She hopes to help the APBC move from strength to strength over the next three years.

Jane Williams
Applications and Assessments Officer

Jane Williams completed the PG Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling at the University of Southampton, and a research MSc at the same institution. Her first degree is in Zoology from the University of Nottingham, and she has an M.A. in Education from the Open University.

Jane is ABTC Registered as a Clinical Animal Behaviourist, and an Animal Training Instructor. Jane was the ABTC Chair (2018-20) and is currently a Trustee and its Secretary (2020-22).

She has been a full member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors since 2009, and was its Chair (2017-20). She is currently responsible for Applications and Assessments.

As part of the APBC Applications, Assessments Procedures and Systems group, Jane has been able to apply her skills in education and assessment to develop the APBC’s new assessment process. Jane is committed to promoting the value of education and lifelong learning. She strongly supports the APBC’s aims of offering assessments which are Supportive, Objective, Fair, Transparent and Timely. The APBC Assessments are regulated and independently quality assured through the ABTC.

Jane is very supportive of developing the APBC as a friendly community of professionals, where members can learn from, and support one another, as they develop and grow in their work. She is fully engaged with, and honoured to be part of, the brilliant team which is the APBC Committee.

Jane has developed and delivered staff CPD for veterinary practices, rescue centres and owners. She has developed webinars and seminars on a range of welfare and behaviour topics. She has presented at conferences, seminars and webinars, including at the BVNA, for the RSPCA, the PDSA and the RVC.

Jane has a number of published articles in the field of Reptile husbandry and welfare – tortoises being an area of special interest. She has also written articles on stress-reduction in companion animals during veterinary treatment and visits.

She sees behaviour cases in the East of England and remotely across the UK and internationally. She also delivers dog training classes and workshops locally.

Jane lives in Essex with 35 tortoises, five dogs, and another equally animal-mad human.

Debbie Emmerson
Applications Officer; ABTC Rep

Debbie is a full member of the APBC and an Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC) registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist with an MSc in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling. Although she works mostly with dogs and cats, she has a particular interest in rodents and strives to improve relationships between owners and their pets so that all parties can live contentedly together.
As well as working as a behaviour consultant, she is a lecturer at Writtle University College where she has developed a Pet Behaviour option stream within the Animal degree programmes, designed to meet the ABTC academic requirements for those wishing to practice in this industry.

As part of the APBC Applications, Assessments Procedures Systems group, Debbie has been able to apply her skills as an educator and assessor to help develop the APBC’s new assessment process. She’s passionate about education and lifelong learning, and strongly supports the APBC’s aims of fostering a friendly community where members of all levels can learn from and support one another. In her role on the committee, she is keen to help the APBC nurture new and existing members as part of its role in promoting the highest professional standards in humane behaviour therapy.

Emma Hatton
Veterinary Liaison Officer

Emma is an ABTC registered Veterinary Behaviourist and recognised by the RCVS as an Advanced Practitioner in Companion Animal Behaviour. She has been working as a vet for 20 years, both in mixed and small animal practice. Throughout her career she has incorporated her interest in behaviour into her work and furthered her understanding through post-graduate study and practical experience. Over the last 10 years she has combined clinical veterinary practice with providing referral behaviour consultations for a number of local practices. It is her understanding and experience of the veterinary profession which she feels able to contribute for the benefit of the APBC. She feels passionately about the need to maintain both physical and emotional health of patients. Emma believes we need to be open to different ideas and opinions together with drawing knowledge from a wide variety of backgrounds. Education is vital to maximise animal welfare and she feels the veterinary profession and APBC can work better together to promote this to the pet-owning community.

Emma understands the unique demands that both the veterinary and behavioural professions can have on colleagues and appreciates the dedication and commitment shown in our collective goal of providing a high standard of behaviour counselling. Emma wishes to continue to promote the work of the APBC whilst ensuring a supportive community for the APBC membership.


Sara is a registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist (CAB) and Animal Training Instructor (ATI).

In 2018 Sara was awarded an MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour with Distinction and published her MSc thesis on the quality of life of assistance dog owners, pre and post dog placement.

She has over 15 years’ experience working within the training and behaviour field which includes working for an assistance dog organisation, training assistance dogs with their new owners and then supporting the updating of the organisations training to science based techniques. Sara now works for a large charity as a clinical animal behaviourist. She has presented nationally and internationally on training and behaviour topics, as well as being a guest lecturer on behaviour for a canine hydrotherapy course.

She feels really passionate about creating a positive and supportive environment with those she works with and believes that supporting animal care givers with the knowledge and skills to help them understand the animals they live with, is key to helping both species live as happily as possible, alongside each other.

Based in Lincolnshire, her spare time is spent with her husband, son, and two dogs. She also loves to keep active through weight lifting, horse riding and swimming.

Danielle Beck
Events Officer; ABTC Rep

Danielle is an enthusiastic and passionate trauma informed clinical animal behaviourist and rehabilitation trainer. Danielle has the role of Webinar Program Organiser for the APBC, along with assisting in event planning, helping maintain the website and being one of the ABTC Representatives for the APBC. Danielle also assist in supporting members through their role in the ABTC inclusivity and diversity working group, to help increase accessibility for all into the organisation and dog training industry as a whole. This is an area they are particularly passionate about and offers support through education and mentoring opportunities for industry professionals. Danielle also writes articles for both pet owner and scientific publications (including peer-reviewed journals) and if often invited to local radio and tv channels as a behaviour expert. The primary species Danielle works with are dogs however, due to their background in zoology and work within zoological facilities, they are happy to see both domestic and non-domestic species.  

Amanda Campion ; Complaints Manager

Amanda  is an Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC) Registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist. 

Amanda  specialises in everything feline from  welfare, behaviour and education offering support and guidance to new cat parents with her “kitten kindergarten” and “happy cat” online courses.

Amanda is a passionate advocate of cat welfare and helping to prevent cat surrender where behavioural interventions can help both human care givers and cats lead a happy life. 

Knowledge is key and Amanda regularly gives talk on cat education and welfare. 

Amanda specialises in exotic hybrid breeds and finds their close genetic link to wild cats very interesting and is the feline behaviour counsellor for the Bengal Cat Association assisting in welfare and Behavioral cases that can mean the difference between rehoming or euthanasia in some cases where owners are unprepared for the challenges of the breed. 

Amanda is a  qualified Blue Cross pet bereavement advisor and fully understands the importance of recognising the loss of a companion animal both in the bereaved human and animal species.

Amanda is a member of the APBC feline working group alongside ABTC, ISFM, Cats Protection and many other cat welfare organisations to further promote the awareness of feline counsellors within veterinary practice and their clients. 

Amanda  joined the APBC committee in 2022, and was welcomed into a wonderful team of fellow professionals who all share a commitment and passion for making a better standard of behavioural training and welfare for animals large and small.

Amanda’s role as complaints manager ensures safe standards and practice for all members as well as dealing with members of the public advising and investigating any breach of the APBC code of conduct and compliance. 

Amanda  lives on the Staffordshire / Shropshire border with her furry four legged and feathered family – currently 7 cats and 7 chickens and one fellow human ! 


Lauren Watts
Events Sub-Committee

Lauren is a full member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors. She works with puppies and dogs and has created an online platform with courses & resources for owners and trainers. As part of the committee, Lauren is keen to ensure that the APBC is presenting a professional yet friendly and accessible face to the world. Being the Chair of the Events Sub-Committee means she ensures that the APBC continues to grow and become recognisable alongside the other members of the Events committee, covering conferences, webinars, social media and more.  Lauren also assists with other areas of the committee as required. 

Claire Haynes

Claire is an ABTC registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist and joined the committee in 2023. Claire has spent her entire career working in animal charities in behaviour operations roles, including managing and mentoring other behaviourists and working with a variety of species. She is incredibly passionate about promoting best possible welfare for animals and their owners / keepers. This industry brings unique challenges to animal welfare and behaviour modification. Claire thoroughly enjoys working in this sector, as well as supporting trainers and behaviourists in their development – including their journey to accreditation. 

Claire believes passionately in an inclusive application process, which contributed to her joining the APBC – initially as a member and now as part of the committee. She works alongside many talented people who may not have followed traditional academic routes to accreditation, and hopes to promote the APBC process to people in the charitable sector, thus helping as many owners as possible find the best help. 

Claire sits on the events committee – hoping to use her experience and knowledge of the charitable sector and new Scotland base to increase our reach both in industry and geographically. Claire is also on the finance committee as she has previously managed budgets in a UK wide animal charity, and is also becoming an ABTC assessor to further support people on their journey to accreditation. 

Claire is now based in Scotland, and in her spare times loves hiking, outdoor swimming, camping, reading and – of course – cuddling her dog!