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Provisional Member Application

To apply for Provisional Membership please look at the list of accredited courses (Click here). If your course is listed or if you have a ASAB CCAB pre-certification certificate skip straight to step 2. If your course is not listed start at step 1:

  1. Download this form and complete the details on your courses modules. Have the form ready in digital form to upload.
  2. Have a digital copy of your Degree Certificate ready ( If you are applying through CCAB route please have your ASAB pre-certification certificate. If you are not applying through CCAB and your course is ON the accredited list just upload your degree certificate. If your course is not on the accredited list please upload your degree certificate and the form from point 1)

Also please read the APBC’s Code of Practice. Click Here

Once we receive your application we will review it and then send an invoice for £95 (£50 for international applicants). Please note that the subscription year runs from 1st August to 31st July annually. Applications received after 1st January will be payable at half of the yearly rates – £47.50 (£25 for international applicants).

Please DO NOT send payment until your membership application has been approved. We will Invoice you.

Please send any queries via email to:

Upload Proof of Degree, Module Descriptors, CCAB pre-certification certificate

Privacy Note

Privacy Notice The Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC) is collecting your data in order to fulfil its contractual obligations to you by providing a professional membership service. By providing your personal data you are giving consent to the APBC to:

Store your name, email address, phone number(s), address, and personal documentation such as academic certificates and transcripts, and your Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (ASAB), Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist (CCAB) documents in a secure filing cabinet and office, as well as in electronic form on the APBC computer, Microsoft Cloud and APBC secure website. For the sole purposes of contacting you by email, telephone and by post to deliver information relevant to your APBC membership as per the APBC’s contractual obligation to fulfil your membership of the APBC and to share information about APBC activities. You may terminate your membership or opt out of receiving information about APBC activities at any time. Upon the termination of your membership all your personal details will be deleted/destroyed within 28 days.