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CPD Information

All members are encouraged to undertake and record CPD throughout each year in order to keep your knowledge up-to-date.  Full and Provisional members are expected to undertake at least 30 hours CPD each year.


At least 20 hours is required of CPD activities involving attendance at conferences, workshops, on-line CPD events, further study for self-development through organised courses and qualifications, skills development (such as training and counselling), preparation and delivery of CPD and training events, development of business practice. At least three different activities are required. (Categories 1-3)

Up to 10 hours may be claimed for supporting the development of others, committee work, meetings, personal development such as reading and research. (Catergories 4-6)

Category 1 Short courses on Professional Issues, which are relevant to clinical animal behaviour practice.

Category 2  Seminars, Webinars and Conferences, On topics relevant to professional practice, organised by individuals or organisations.

Category 3 Study for Further Qualifications e.g. MSc/Diploma/ research degree in animal behaviour or behavioural counselling.

Category 4  Encouraging the Development of Others Initiatives taken alone and in consultation with peers to create and develop new ideas relevant to clinical animal behaviour and making these available to others. Participating and contributing to a research project, Designing and facilitating workshops, Offering training sessions or giving a talk at a conference, Writing e.g. articles, book reviews, books (relevant to professional practice)

Category 5  Committee Work / Meetings related too Clinical animal behaviour

Category 6 Personal Development Participation in groups, Learning new skills, Acquiring knowledge and new insights from reading, etc