Assessment Advisors

Did you know you can work with an Assessment advisor to ensure you are on track with your application to become a full member of the APBC? Or perhaps you are just starting to think about beginning the process and want to find out more? 

What Are The Benefits of Working With an Assessment Advisor?

Assessment advisors are trained members of the APBC assessment team and have a high level of knowledge about the assessment process.  This service can help provide the following;

  • • Support and advice about presenting required evidence for assessment
  • • Encouragement and confidence to put yourself forward
  • • Practical information regarding the assessment process
  • • Advice on whether written and video evidence addresses (rather than meets) all the Performance Criteria
  • • Advice regarding how gaps in Performance Criteria can be evidenced
  • • Opportunity for a mock interview

What Does The Process Involve?

Step One: An initial interview with your Assessment Advisor to agree how they can best support you in the allocated time.

Step Two: Your Assessment Advisor will then review chosen aspects of the written/video evidence provided and give feedback.

Step Three: Your Assessment Advisor can set up a mock interview and give feedback.

Step Four: Your Assessment Advisor will identify and summarise any further evidence needed to ensure you are able to address all the relevant Performance Criteria

Please note: Assessment Advisors cannot give an opinion on whether or not your evidence FULLY meets the Performance Criteria or whether your application will be successful.  This can only be done in the Assessment itself.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of working with an Assessment Advisor for a total of 6 hours is £180. Your Assessment Advisor will typically allocate 3 hours to review your case records/evidence and the remaining time is used to conduct a mock interview and provide feedback on all areas of assessment.  How this time is split may vary depending on your needs and how best we can support you.

How Can I Work With an Assessment Advisor?

Please get in touch with the office ( and let them know you are interested in working with an Assessment Advisor.  These are typically allocated at the beginning of each Assessment window.   

Application Window Register Interest by Assessment Advisor to Start by Assessment Advisor Complete by
Window 1 (Jan – Apr) 1st November 1st January 28th February
Window 2 (May – Aug) 1st March 1st May 30th June
Window 3 (Sept – Dec) 1st July 1st September 31st October

Please Note: if you work with an Assessment Advisor, this person will not then be able to assess you when it comes time to your full assessment. 

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