Anne-Claude Griesser

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I graduated from Edinburgh University's Royal Dick Veterinary School in 2023 with a Master in Clinical Animal Behaviour (with Distinction). I am also certified as a FEAR FREE and Cat Friendly Veterinary Professional.
After beginning my studies in veterinary medicine, I reoriented my career and obtained a diploma in nursing (RN) followed by a Master's degree in education (MSc) (1995) and a Master's degree in business and administration (MBA) (2002), both from the University of Geneva in Switzerland.
Before returning to my first aspiration and committing myself to improving the well-being of cats in veterinary facilities or at home, I worked thirty years in the human health domain as senior executive to set up treatment and support programmes (cancer units) as well as quality management system (quality of care indicators and quality of care units), among others. I also taught clinical governance and quality of care improvement at the universities of Lausanne and Geneva in Switzerland for many years.

APBC Expertise:
Adoption or Foster Assessments, Mentoring

Consultation Type:
In Clients Home, Clinic or Behaviourists Facility