Catherine Tomlinson

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Depending on whether you are seeking help for a complex behaviour or just need structured guidance to improve a simple training issue, there are a range of private training and behaviour packages that will suit your requirements. With over 12 years experience as a fully accredited member of the Association of Pet Behavior Counsellors and a registered Clinical Behaviourist with the Animal Behaviour Training Council, I have extensive experience in resolving behavioural issues in dogs.  I hold two separate degrees in Zoology and Applied Animal Behaviour & Welfare and have previously taught Animal Behaviour & Welfare at a local Higher Education College. Private training and behaviour sessions can be provided through home visits or a clinic service provided weekly out of the Win Clinic. Located adjacent to Willowbrook Garden Centre just outside Taunton, The Win Clinic is a multidiscipline animal care centre that also provides services such as canine physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and acupuncture. During an in person consultation (online consultations are also available) I will get to know your pet better before I can make recommendations. Each training plan is tailor made for you and your pet as each individual case is unique.

MSc Applied Animal Behaviour

APBC Expertise:
Aggression, Separation Anxiety, Puppy Behaviour, Resource Guarding

Consultation Type:
In Clients Home, Remote or Virtual Consult (UK ONLY), Clinic or Behaviourists Facility

Willowbrook Nurseries, Hockholler Road, Hockholler, West Buckland West and Taunton, England