Claire Francis

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Hello, I'm Claire, a clinical animal behaviourist with a long history (30 years) of working with animals, firstly as a veterinary nurse and then later studying animal behaviour to post graduate degree level. This has been my job for just over 15 years now and I see around a 140 new cases a year. I cover East and West Sussex, within a 20 mile radius of Brighton, other areas are considered. I see a variety of cases and work with the following types of behaviour case. Dogs Separation anxiety Dog reactivity - towards other dogs, people and anything else that is triggering this behaviour. This may also be something you feel is labelled as dog aggression but we tend to move away from this term Difficulty being handled by you, groomers or vets Toileting in places you would prefer they did not, such as in the home Resource guarding, food, items, places or people Anxious dogs, which can be worried about a range of situations Sound sensitive or phobic dogs, such as fireworks, thunder storm and any other noises Cognitive decline or dog dementia Cat cases Inappropriate toileting in the home Attention seeking behaviours Cat aggression Over grooming Attention seeking behaviours Inter-cat aggression Aggression towards people Anxious or shy cats            

RVN, BSc (Hons), PG Dip CABC, PG Cert AWEL

APBC Expertise:
RVN, Adoption or Foster Assessments, Aggression, Separation Anxiety, Puppy Behaviour, Resource Guarding

Consultation Type:
In Clients Home, Accepts Insurance Claims

Hove, East Sussex







I cover dog and cat behaviour issues in East and West Sussex. I tend to work within 20 miles of Hove but happy to consider other areas if travel costs are covered.