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Hello! 👋 I'm Leili Farzaneh, an accredited Animal Behaviour Technician and co-founder of a specialist cat accessories brand, Supakit. With a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Imperial College London and an Advanced Diploma in Applied Animal Behaviour, specialising in felines, I've devoted my career to enhancing the lives of cats and their owners.
My passion lies in offering preventative behavioural advice to fellow cat owners - getting involved before behavioural issues arise to make sure cats are happy and supported through life's transitions. My philosophy is simple: create a world where cats are happy, calm, and loved, and their owners feel supported and informed. I'm here to assist in various areas, such as:
  • Settling into a new home: helping your cat adjust smoothly to a new environment
  • Adjusting to new family members: guiding you through the process of introducing your cat to new family members
  • Integrating with new pets: offering strategies for peaceful introduction and coexistence with new pets in the household
  • Enhancing daily life: providing insights and tips for improving your cat's daily routine and environment to boost their overall well-being and combat boredom
  • Transitioning to indoor living: assisting in the gradual and stress-free transition of a cat from having free access outdoors to living indoor-only
  • Practical training advice: offering training strategies, for example, to help cats get comfortable with wearing collars and harness training. I have also developed a comprehensive online cat harness training course, which you can find here.
You can also find some of my educational videos on the Supakit YouTube channel here.
Please note - if your cat is already showing behavioural symptoms, you should consult a Clinical Animal Behaviourist or Veterinary Behaviourist from the APBC website. I can however help with behavioural first aid to prevent deterioration while you wait for an appointment, or work hands-on with you to implement a behavioural modification plan that your specialist has already designed.

ADAAB(Feline), BSc Biology

St Leonards, Hastings, England