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  • Nicola Chamberlain is an animal behaviour counsellor with over 35 years experience handling, training and riding horses and 15 years professionally training dogs. She has written various equine and canine articles for the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors, Veterinary Times and other equestrian and dog publications as well as being a guest speaker at various conferences and seminars, of note include the Equine Clicker Conference 2013, looking at learning theory and restraint techniques for equine veterinarians for the BVBA in 2017 and University of Winchester’s conference “Understanding our Companion Animals: Ethology, Welfare and Training 2019. Having swapped a career in law (civil litigation) of 18 years for one studying clinical animal behaviour in 2008, Nicola gained a First Class BSc (Hons) in applied animal behaviour science during which her research was based on efficacy and consequences of learning theory in different methods of horse training, which she presented as a poster at the specialist equine science and industry based Alltech-Hartpury Conference 2013. Bringing together her additional skills in equestrian coaching, equine specific positive reinforcement training and understanding of anatomy and physiology as well as interest in equine nutrition, Nicola is now known for her considerable experience in the practical application of behaviour, welfare science and learning theory to training methods in horses to all levels and ranges of problems. From complex unwanted behaviours to optimising performance in various ranges of ridden work covering the family pony to competition level. With a history in legal practice, Nicola is well placed as an expert witness in legal cases whilst continuing to practice as an equine and canine behaviour counsellor and provides education, training and coaching for horses, dogs and their people from her base in the New Forest, Hampshire where she lives with her husband, daughter, 5 dogs, 4 cats, 2 goats and herd of 8 horses.

FdSc Animal Management and Welfare, BSc(Hons)(First Class) Applied Animal Behaviour Science

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Expert Witness, Mentoring

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In Clients Home, Remote or Virtual Consult (UK ONLY), Remote or Virtual Consult (International), Clinic or Behaviourists Facility

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