General Advice


  1. 01

    Speak to a member of the APBC to see how they can help you.

  2. 02

    Seek advice from a professional that has been fully assessed practically and with qualifications, such as a full member of the APBC.

  3. 03

    Be sure your pet is in good health and first seek the advice of your vet with any sudden behaviour change. A member of the APBC can talk you through the process.

  4. 04

    Visit 24/7 Pet Advice at VetFone

  5. 05

    Need help about a legal issue visit: Visit DogLaw

  6. 06

    Use ethical training practices to help change your animals behaviour. AN APBC member can go through what is suitable

  7. 07

    Any training or behaviour recommendations you receive from an APBC member are only suitable for you and your pet. Please do not use it for any body elses situation

  8. 08

    Know what your pet likes as a reward. As what you think and what your pet sees as a reward is different

  9. 09

    Begin to watch and note any behaviours from your pet to begin to learn how to be mindful and aware of what is happening. Stat by observing one body area sych as ears and say out loud what they are doing.

  10. 10

    There is always help. Please speak to a member to see what we can do. Our full members are also covered any many pet insurance policies to help you with the finances