A.S.K. (APEL Support Kit) Additional 3 Month Support


121 support with an A.S.K. Tutor to support you through the APEL process.



  • Please could the additional information (cohort dates) be removed as they are not relevant for this package.  Please can the long description be updated to read as follows;
    Continued access to supporting resources
    Gain an additional 3 months access to the Facebook group and supporting resources to help you complete your APEL paperwork ahead of assessment.
    121 support with an A.S.K. Tutor
    Includes 2 x 1 hour 121 zoom sessions with your A.S.K. tutor for feedback.
    Share a completed Reflective Log with your A.S.K. tutor for review.  This support package enables you to make amendments to your Reflective Log based on 121 discussions and supportive feedback from someone involved directly in the APEL process.
    Please note: if you work with an A.S.K. tutor, this person will not then be able to assess you when it comes to your APEL assessment with the ABTC.

Additional information


Cohort 1 Dates: 8/2/24, 22/2/24, 7/3/24, 21/3/24, 4/4/24, 18/4/24, Cohort 2 Dates: 23/5/24, 6/6/24, 20/6/24, 4/7/24, 18/7/24, 1/8/24, Cohort 3 Dates: 12/9/24, 26/9/24, 10/10/24, 24/10/24, 7/11/24, 21/11/24

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