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APBC Online Veterinary Conference 2021

As a Nation of animal lovers, does the Nation understand what Pet Bereavement means to us?Diane James

Through the rehoming centre doors and beyondDr Emma Buckland BSc (Hons), PhD

Low stress equine veterinary care

My Wild Life. A story of feral ponies in Wales.Jenni Nellist

Equine Psychopharmacology and other therapeutics Part 2Valerie Jonckheer-Sheehy

APBC Virtual Conference 2022 DELEGATE PACKThe Emotional Side of Behaviour and Training

Dogs and Carbs: It’s ComplicatedLinda P Case

Repairing the brain before we retrain: how to ensure the horse is ready for new learningDr Amber Batson

Success With Clients! Part one – rejuvenate your client reports/handouts, and follow-up strategySara Davies

Crossing the Anxiety Barrier: Navigating the mental health issues of the pet owner:Lori DeLeo

Adolescence in dogs: from brain to behaviourDr Naomi Harvey


Psychological Trauma and Post-traumatic Stress In DogsDr Frank McMillan

Game Changers in Canine Arthritis ManagementHannah Capon MA Vet MB MRCVS

Are these cats playing or fighting? How to interpret different types of intercat interactions Dr. Noema Gajdoš Kmecová, DVM (hons)

Worried about Separation Anxiety? Preparing your Dog for Life after LockdownMalena DeMartini

Two Types of Publicity Every Pet Business NeedsRachel Spencer

Success With Clients! Part two – lessons from the pandemicSara Davies

Gundog games for training and behaviour clientsHelen Phillips and Jules Morgan

Evidence Based Practice for Animal Professionals Part 1Morag K Heirs PhD

The Power of PatternLeslie McDevitt

Ethological Contributions to Behaviour Problems in DogsKim Brophy

Probiotics for Behavioural HealthJessica Hekman, DVM, PhD

A Dogs Nose KnowsDr Claire Guest

Dynamic Dog - Identifying discomfort in the dogs we work withGemma Hodson

The Dog Friendly Clinic Scheme – what’s it all aboutTamsin Durston

Cognitive Dysfunction in Dogs and CatsDr Lore Haug DVM, MS, DACVB

Parrots: Train or Tame?Elaine Henley

A, B, C - The importance of of early life experiences for horsesGemma Pearson BVMS Cert AVP (EM) MScR CCAB MRCVS

Ethological Contributions to Behaviour Problems in Dogs PT 2Kim Brophey

Equine Neuroscience from theory to applicationSebastian McBride

Deaf Awareness for Animal ProfessionalsLaura Adkins BSc (Hons) MSc and Meghan Durno BSc (Hons) RVN, ISFMCertFN

Evidence Based Practice for Animal Professionals Part 2 – the journal club sessionDr Morag K Heirs, PhD, MSc, MA(hons)(SocSci), PGCAP, ABTC-CAB, ABTC-ATI

Just because we CAN doesn’t mean we shouldDanielle Beck

Pain and Behaviour in sports dogsKaren Ingram

Understanding individual differences in dogs’ behaviour and cognition to improve their livesDr Patrizia Piotti DVM MSc PhD MRCVS

How to handle Compassion fatigue when working in the pet industryLori DeLeo

“But My Dog’s Not Food-motivated”Kathy Sdao

The Power of Play… with Animals.Risë Van Fleet, PhD, RPT-S, CDBC

Increasing Welfare through Enrichment – A look at the scienceKristina Spaulding, PhD, CAAB

Social pain in dogsDr Frank McMillian

Raising WolfdogsGemma Krzesinska

P2 Drax: Building Foundations Of Trust, Safety And ConfidenceNatalie Light Drax Webinar Series

Business and BehaviourVeronica Boutelle

P3 What to do when your training plan isn’t workingSara Davies MRCVS

The Role and Value of C-BARQ Assessments in Clinical Animal BehaviourProfessor James Serpell

Companion animal enrichment free webinar

P1 DRAX, Settling in a traumatised rescue dog: creating an optimum environment to build trustNatalie Light Drax Webinar Series

30 years what have we learnt?Erica Peachey

Puppies - The importance of early interventionNicole Harris

Scentwork Solutions for common canine behaviour challenges

The bear necessities of trainingCindy Peacock